'In the Netherlands populism has been more of a corrective than a threat to democracy’

An interview with Dr Paul Lucardie on populism and democray by Giorgos Katsambekis, published in POPULISMUS Interventions No. 4, 2015.

Giorgos Katsambekis is a doctoral student in the School of Political Sciences  at  the  Aristotle  University of Thessaloniki and a POPULISMUS researcher.

The POPULISMUS research project purports to reassess the category of ‘populism’ and to develop a theoretical approach capable of reorienting the empirical analysis of populist ideologies in the global environment of the 21st century.

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On Paul Lucardie

Paul Lucardie on Populism: Lucardie, A., & Voerman, G. (2015). Rootless populists? The Dutch Pim Fortuyn List, the Freedom Party and others. In D. Strijker, G. Voerman, & I. Terluin (Eds.), Rural protest groups and populist political parties. (pp. 265-290). Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers. 10.3920/978-90-8686-807-0_fm

Lucardie, P. (2014). Democratic extremism in theory and practice: all power to the people. (Extremism and Democracy). Routledge.

Publications of Paul Lucardie

Lecture of Paul Lucardie (in Dutch)

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